Planning application at 291 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019

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Koliana Winchester
David Armitage
Planning application at 291 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019
April 18, 2019, 11:38 p.m.
Would you want this business at the end of your street?
I am totally opposed to this service station at 291 Oxley Ave Margate for numerous reasons. Within a 3.5km radius of this location there are a total of 8 service stations that offer a similar product, closest 300m away, one being only 1.5km away on the same road. The immediate block including Boyce Street, Ewan Street and Dover Road are residential areas, residents being diverse age groups and physical abilities, fortunately this is a 50km/h zone - keeping the road users safer considering the amount of footpath traffic. Patrons visiting this service station will use the residential streets that are already congested with parked cars, increasing the risk of physical harm and or death of the stated demographic. Children use these streets to walk to and from school, yes they shouldn't walk on the road but they do. The opening hours are ridiculous, the additional noise and pollution this business will generate will ensure complaints to MBRC and the business it self. Looking at other similar business, the amount of rubbish strewn about by customers is appalling. The MBRC and like organisations spend so much time and effort and money attempting to educate the public about responsible practices with rubbish to limited success, especilaly being so close to the water, you only have to listen to 99.7 Bridge FM with their saturation of the airwaves. Looking at the workforce of Liberty service station employees, I highly doubt that they will employ residents of the Peninsular, shouldn't this be priority. Finally, the Convenience store that is 79m is away a constant target for armed robberies, one occurring this week with the attending being transported to hospital with a fractured arm. Do we need another target for these criminals?
Would you want this business at the end of your street?

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Planning Application for 291 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019

Description: Material Change of Use - Development Permit for a Service Station

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