Planning application at 291 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019

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Koliana Winchester
Claudia Connolly
Planning application at 291 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019
April 27, 2019, 9:55 p.m.
I totally agree with all the points made in the previous objections. This is not what our local area needs - nor the wider Redcliffe community. We are surrounded by servos already.

The community will be disadvantaged and suffer a loss of lifestyle and amenity if a service station is built in this location. Here are 5 good reasons why:

1) Pollution of all types will increase - noise pollution, air pollution and light pollution.

2) We are very concerned that weekend noise will increase and disturb the peace of the neighbourhood on Sundays and public holidays. To loose the peace and sanctity of our homes like this will be a significant loss of liveability for local residents.

3) Another primary concern is that these facilities are a target for crime on a fairly regular basis. Obviously this is very undesirable for us living in adjacent areas. The obvious exit strategy would be up the hill into our area from where you can access Victoria, McDonald and Duffield Roads with less likelihood of detection. This potentially brings crime into our streets.

4) Margate has a high density of medical providers. Is it safe for pedestrians to place a service station, with cars turning out of fast traffic, in the midst of this?

5) Further to this, as Dover Road residents we have also noticed litter from cars has decreased markedly since KFR moved. If this goes ahead we anticipate litter will increase again as people turn up the hill via Boyce, Ewan and Hale Streets and throw litter from their cars.

Whilst it's understandable for different business models to be proposed for Margate as
the area developments, not all proposals will be suitable or beneficial. Clearly the negatives of this proposal far outweigh any benefits.

For all the good reasons that have been given by the community in general - this project needs to be rejected.

From Claudia Connolly to local councillor Koliana Winchester


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Planning Application for 291 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019

Description: Material Change of Use - Development Permit for a Service Station

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