Planning application at 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133

Gary and Marjon White sent a message to Phil Pidgeon.

Phil Pidgeon
Gary and Marjon White
Planning application at 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133
Oct. 31, 2016, 3:25 a.m.
We fully agree with all the comments above. we've been here for over 25 years, back when there were very few homes on School Rd. We moved here as we wanted a quiet rural lifestyle. Ever since Stoneleigh Reserve happened the area has been completely ruined, we've called police numerous times due to people excessively speeding down School Rd. Nothings changed and only getting worse since the second roundabout was put in. School Rd is getting used as a racetrack, we need some traffic calming devices put through to slow people down. We used to go for a lot of family walks, but are reluctant now due to the number of people speeding and losing control, and crashing, generally through the first round about. Straight onto the footpath. A little while ago I walked up to the school to collect the kids and we had been home not even 5 minutes, and a car had hit the power pole, right where we were just walking. There's no armeco railing protecting the pedestrians. We saw a car come off the back of a tow truck and into the culvert just a few days ago. We have trouble getting out of our driveway some mornings, and the last thing we need is more condensed housing to make the traffic even worse. It would be ridiculous and thoughtless to allow more estates into this area.

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Planning Application for 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133

Description: Combined Application (RL 3 into 50 lots and Preliminary MCUI approval under SPA s241 and s242)

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Phil Pidgeon
Nov. 8, 2016, 1:28 a.m.
I understand what you are saying. speed is indeed a very real issues along School Road, and also a lot of other local roads. There is unfortunately not a lot that can be done to reduce the speed of drivers who are already disrespecting the posted speed limits and really have no regard to the local community or the people who live in it.

Unfortunately School Road, along with Logan Reserve Road are major collector roads and as such they cannot have speed humps and the like as they are not in accordance with accepted Australian road standards. The posted speed limit along a portion of School Road is now down to 60 km/hr and cannot be lwered any further due to the road status.

I am all in favour of supporting having properly constructed roundabouts and as a result of a recent development, Council had another roundabout constructed on School Road at the intersection of Loganview Road. It is quite disturbing that despite the efforts to slow drivers down on this road we have a small percentage of people that want to disregard the traffic calming and the speed limit and have had accidents as a result of this. Council cannot police this stupid behaviour and can only put so much concrete and steel in place to try and discourage it.

The roundabout just constructed is very aggressive and if this doesn’t slow drivers down, I do not know what will.

With regards to the planning issues, I am responding to these above and I trust that my response will help residents understand some of what is happening. I am always happy to meet with anyone wo has questions in this and happy to come out and sit down with you with what information I have.

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