Planning application at 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133

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Phil Pidgeon
Sue-Ann Dunning
Planning application at 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133
Oct. 31, 2016, 11:37 a.m.
To Mayor Luke Smith, The Planning Authority and Councillor Phil Pidgeon
Enough is Enough..What is happening to our once great semi-rural area, every day I receive the planning alert updates regarding a new development application to carve up beautiful land into barely liveable blocks with very little infrastructure, no new schools, and roads that are so poor that are only being patched up. As we have previously seen in the past two major floods, residents around the Logan Reserve Road area have been trapped in for days due to the flood prone roads....what has council done to rectify this serious situation...not a lot from my observation as a resident of 23 years. I do not accept that the State Government has all the say in the Planning of what is approved by developers, joint discussions by both parties must consider the bigger outcomes for the future of our suburbs not just allow the developers to buy up little pockets here and there and allow them to walk away with very little interest in building communities. Please come clean and advise the local long time residents on the future development of Logan Reserve/Chambers Flat areas or risk being voted out at the next election as has been widely talked about in this current forum. I eagerly await your reply re this ongoing matter.

From Sue-Ann Dunning to local councillor Phil Pidgeon


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Planning Application for 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133

Description: Combined Application (RL 3 into 50 lots and Preliminary MCUI approval under SPA s241 and s242)

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Phil Pidgeon
Nov. 8, 2016, 1:55 a.m.
Hi Sue-Ann,

I wish to try and answer your concerns in regards to the developments that you are seeing ion the area. First and foremost it is important to recognise some basic facts and then go from there. The area of Logan Reserve is in an area known as Emerging Community Footprint. This zoning is gazetted by the state government, not Council.

The Council is compelled by state planning legislation and law to assess any applications for development lodged in this area. Council is also compelled by this same legislation to approve applications in this area if those applications meet the state planning legislation criteria.

Am I in favour of this? No, but the Council is compelled by law to follow this process. Because this area is an area that is designated as an emerging community footprint area it has no formal structure plan like Park Ridge and therefore the Council does have the ability to negotiate from a stronger position and try and get a better planning outcome, but still within limits.

The state planning legislation dictates that Council must approve residential applications to a density of 15 lots per hectare which on paper equates to 633 m2 lots. The reality is that once you remove roads and parks from that the lots end up being 450 m2. Once again I reiterate that this is not Council planning legislation but state legislation. Yes Council does approve these if they tick the state planning boxes but the Council is compelled to do this.

As a Councillor I am personally not a fan of small lots and I have argued consistently to have larger lots but I also recognise reality that Council cannot stop this.

if you really want to see this thought process changed, the state government and the local state MP's have to support changing the 15 lots hectare state government legislation which is the biggest challenge. I have argued for this and it seems to me that the state government and your local state MP also need to hear residents views on this directly as well as coming from me.

In the meantime Council has listened to my concerns and those of residents regarding this tidal wave of development occurring in the area and within its power, has endorsed drafting a structure plan or general planning layout for the Logan Reserve area. When adopted, this plan would not stop development of the area but would set out a strategic direction and a framework that would strengthen Councils ability to secure better and improved roads, more parks and more community facilities. At present it is my view that we are struggling to keep pace with this but the ideal of having facilities and roads and parks in place before development does not happen in reality due to prescriptive over riding legislation.

There are a lot of applications lodged in this area already under the current loose state legislation that Council is contending with but I am doing as best as I can along with Councils officers to get these applicants around the table to pro - actively seek more facilities and more improvements that can benefit the broader community.

I am happy to discuss further with you and always happy to meet with residents to brief or update on what is happening in the area.

Kind Regards