Planning application at 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133

A Norton sent a message to Darren Power.

Darren Power
A Norton
Planning application at 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133
Oct. 30, 2016, 7:48 a.m.
I Must say we purchased in Logan Reserve for the RURAL lifestyle now we have Chitboxes going up everywhere people wonder why this days society is obese have a look no backyards to play in just jam them houses in for council to get more rates. Very dissapointed with the infastructure ( what infastructure) thats right there is none. Where is the Public Transport, now we take our lives into our own hands every day coming ut of driveways because Council has decide you beaut roundabouts are the way to go thats cool as soon as they clear these roundabouts at 120km an hour then overtake vehicles right at my driveway as i am coming out it is only a matter of time before a fatality happens ...we also have school buses that drop children off on this road ( School Road) and i asked years ago for bus signs to put in but no we get flippin animal signs the animals are more important than human lives. What was once a great area to live in is now turning to crap because of greedy councils wanting to fill the coffers at the expense of the people whom have lived in this area for years.

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Planning Application for 298-304 Logan Reserve Road Logan Reserve QLD 4133

Description: Combined Application (RL 3 into 50 lots and Preliminary MCUI approval under SPA s241 and s242)

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Darren Power
Oct. 31, 2016, 2:12 a.m.
Dear A Norton,
I understand your concerns, these types of developments are happening everywhere and they do effect the quality of lifestyle that residents used to have. Unfortunately I am not your local councillor, Cr Phil Pidgeon is. As a councillor of the city I am interested in your fight with this application, however you should give Cr Pidgeon a call as he may very well support your concerns and as the local councillor would carry more weight in future debate at council for this particular application. His phone number is 0411 869 109. Good luck with it.


Councillor Darren Power | Councillor for Division 10 | Logan City Council
Phone: 07 3412 5510 | PO Box 3226 Logan City DC Qld 4114
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Division 10 includes Carbrook, Cornubia (part of), Daisy Hill (part of) and Shailer Park
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