Planning application at 30 Barclay Street Waverley NSW 2024

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Paula Masselos
Naomi Jackson
Planning application at 30 Barclay Street Waverley NSW 2024
July 17, 2017, 8:48 a.m.
Naomi Jackson commented 3 days ago
I am the owner/residentsof 28 Barclay Street, Waverley. 28 Barclay Street immediately adjoins 30 Barclay Street to the north.I am writing to outline my concern in response to the recent application to get illegal building works approved retrospectively on the adjoining property (30 Barclay Street), by way of s96 application DA-630/2014-C.
There is an existing 1.8m dividing fence between 28 and 30 Barclay Street. A new fence has been constructed immediately abutting the existing dividing fence that extends 3m+above the ground level of our property.
Mr Warren Banfield of Council has had direct discussions with foreman for the works at 30 Barclay Street on 6 June 2017. I have an email from Mr Banfield that records these discussions. In addition to confirming that the level of the swimming pool is higher than approved, the foreman confirmed that a section 96 modification application would be submitted to Council in relation to the illegal works.
Council should not condone such a wilful abuse of the planning process and should not exercise its discretion in favour of the builder and owner of 30 Barclay Street. I submit that Council should exercise its discretion in favour ofthe existing residents/ratepayers who are innocent parties to this illegal building activity, which now directly impacts our amenity, privacy, and sunlight to our property.

From Naomi Jackson to local councillor Paula Masselos


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Planning Application for 30 Barclay Street Waverley NSW 2024

Description: Modification to pool deck and fence of approved semi detached dwelling

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