Planning application at 30 Hall Road Hornsby NSW 2077 Australia

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Nick Berman
Bernard O'Hara
Planning application at 30 Hall Road Hornsby NSW 2077 Australia
Dec. 7, 2016, 12:18 p.m.
Dear Sir,

I’m the owner of 6 Hall Road Hornsby and have lived here for 46 years.

I only recently become aware of the Development Application to develop 30 Hall Road as a child care centre. I wish to advise Council of my concern in regard to this proposal.

I am surprised that Council did not notified all residents of Hall Road and surrounding roads of this proposed development, given the impact such development will have on local residents.

This is profoundly a residential area and I believe it is inappropriate to insert a commercial type development, such as proposed, within a quiet residential zone.

Excluding the high rise apartments on Pacific Highway and College Crescent, the resident population in this area over the past several decades has remained relatively static and any marginal increase in housing/population has arisen largely from existing residential lots being sub-divided or, as presently occurring, via the introduction of granny flats.

I believe the continuing increase of high rise developments in the Hornsby area is, and will continue to be, the major cause for any increase in the need for child care facilities. If Council feel there is a need for a child care facility within Hornsby central area, then Council could consider making it compulsory for multi unit developments to make provision for such facilities via a levy and also identify which future developments incorporate child care facilities.

The proposed development is surrounded by existing residential homes. I’m aware those residents are highly concerned for their future peaceful existence if Council approves this application. The continual use of a shared driveway to service the proposed child care centre would be a huge invasion of privacy and would also have major safety issues.

Safety is a major factor. The proposed site is half way down the hill between Clovelly Road and Innes Ave. There are frequently cars parked on both sides of the road and there are also bus stops. It’s often necessary to pull over to permit approaching vehicles to pass. Furthermore, Hall Rd, Clovelly Road and Frederick Street have become a major thoroughfare and are used more and more as a :”rat run” by motorists attempting to by-pass travelling through Hornsby to reach the western side of Hornsby. Many motorists frequently drive above the speed limit, adding further danger to local residents and potentially endangering children and parents doing drop off/pick up in the event this proposal is approved.

I don’t dispute the need for child facilities - however, there needs to be a proper study undertaken to determine current and future needs as well as establishing locations to meet those needs. For instance, it may be a better alternative to consider re-development of the existing Scout Hall in Reddy Park to accommodate both the Scout Hall and a child care centre as this may provide a more suitable solution for local residents, children attending a child care centre and also providing for the scouting fraternity.

I’m aware a whole load of reports are required to accompany such development applications and I’m sure they give the “tick” of approval, but none of those reports really take account of the psychological impact such a development will have on current residents and their need and expectation to live a normal and peaceful lifestyle. When the surrounding homes (which are all relatively new homes) were built, I believe there was no indication of the intent to develop this land for commercial purposes.

I believe this proposed development is inappropriately located and approval should be denied.

Yours sincerely

Bernard O’Hara
6 Hall Road
NSW 2077


From Bernard O'Hara to local councillor Nick Berman


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Planning Application for 30 Hall Road Hornsby NSW 2077 Australia

Description: Community Facility - Child Care Centre - Residential - Single New Dwelling - Dwelling House

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