Planning application at 309-313 David Low Way, Bli Bli, QLD

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Jenny McKay
Gillian kube
Planning application at 309-313 David Low Way, Bli Bli, QLD
May 4, 2017, 12:50 a.m.
Dear Mary
My name is Gill Kube, my husband and I had three acres of our land resumed by compulsory land take from Sunshine Coast council, council gave notice formally in sept 2011 and it took until 2013 to formalise the gazette of the land acquisition, in the time leading the council officers acted abruptly and with bully tactics and continued to assert our land was worth nothing.
Even sending an official letter seeking that we donate our land to council for drainage of the up stream urban developments storm water disposal.

It is now 2017 and we have been forced by councils bully tactics and unwillingness to provide a fair compensation for three acres of prime land in the the very valuable suburb of Bli Bli to have to take council to the land court to receive a fair compensation payment. ( council have provided $14,000 for land of three acres through the centre of our property and not down the boundary as would or could have been less disruptive and over existing easement)
Don't think that information was ever disclosed to councillors by council officers in meeting regards our land take!
We have council continued delays to court time tables and none disclosure of court directed compliance to supply documents etc.

I have wrote dozens of letters to My local councillor Mr Robinson and the Mayor Jamison and regretfully they have not been able to help achieve any fair or favourable outcome, Mr Robinson passes your enquirers on to the legal teams in council to attempt baffle you with bull shit and delay you receiving any fair compensation in a timely manner.

It is such a distressing and health effecting situation when Sscc want to steal your home or land from under your nose and will not provide fair compensation.
Mary be prepared for a long hard fight, go to the media, seek public support because you are about to enter the fight of your life.
If you are not a contributor or local developer you will certainly not be treated with respect or fairly by councils officers that deal with these matters.

As for our local elected councillors they are about as useful to us constituents as "Tits on a bull" so to speak

Sorry to say Mr Robinson will not actively have your matter mentioned in councils meetings to help support you and receive help in fairness.
I'm very doubtful that all local councillors have been informed that councils legal officers have engaged expensive Barristers and two sets of valuers and engineers and very expensive court actions etc to try to avoid making fair compensation payments to myself and husband.
The amount that council would have spent,up to date would be in excess of $400,00 not to mention time and efforts to delay and bully ourselves.
We are obtaining right to information documents on how much council have spent on legal and other costs just on our case alone in efforts to avoid fair compensation.
But if this was a developer or a councillors having land resumed they certainly don't have to go through the ringer like we have had to.

Look up other cases council have acted unfairly.
Eg sunshine council verse savimaki

So sorry Mary to hear your distress I truly hope you receive a fair go, but certainly don't expect it!
Write to every councillor and the media, and your local Mp everyone you can think of, because it is well documented the fair payments some development companies have received for payment for land acquisition that council have taken from developers.

Eg council took land from developer Mr Covey at Burtons rd Bli Bli payed Mr covey $1.5 million for flood effected cane land.
Council Took a small strip of land along the edge of the new cutters ridge estate on David low way and paid covey over $1 million
Council paid over $ 4 million to developer for flood effected cane land on Coolum Yandina road for solar farm, no flood effected land on that road has sold for that amount before council paid developer that amount.

Council paid over 10 million for flood effected land on David low way Bli Bli for rural flood plain to be excessively filled for new Golf course.

So the moral of this story is it doesn't matter what you know it matters who you know with regards to fair treatment from council and its councillors!
These payments were made quickly and fairly without court intervention! Unlike ourselves almost seven years and currently council legal teams attempt delays in our court case.

Kind regard to you Mary and good luck hopefully you will be fairly treated and compensated, but don't rely on this happening.

All the best
Gill Kube

From Gillian kube to local councillor Jenny McKay


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Planning Application for 309-313 David Low Way, Bli Bli, QLD

Description: 313 David Low Way BLI BLI - Car Wash, Office, Food & Drink Outlet and Shop - Snowy River Pty Ltd

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Best wishes,

Jenny McKay
May 9, 2017, 2:48 a.m.
Afternoon Gillian

I received this email by error and have forwarded to the department to register.


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