Planning application at 309-313 David Low Way, Bli Bli, QLD

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Stephen Robinson
Sharyn Foley
Planning application at 309-313 David Low Way, Bli Bli, QLD
May 9, 2017, 7:28 a.m.
I am concerned about the proposed new businesses of a car wash of MCU16/0306.
What safety measures are in place for any amount of off run from the chemicals that will be used from the car wash into the Maroochydore River.
Another concern is the entrance of the shops. With only one road that is extremely busy without this development, will the thoroughfare be able to handle the extra traffic without causing a back up of cars holding up traffic.
I have seen many times from living in Bli Bli for 14 years cars backed up for miles on David Low Way both ways from accidents, cars turning against the traffic to enter Quirky Circle and at peak times especially in the afternoon.
If this development is approved, will the development be changed once businesses are operational, to fix any traffic disputes. Or will Bli Bli residences just have to put up with it.
I am unsure why a car wash will be next to the Maroochy River when people are paying for a service to eat and drink and look out at the River listening to the machinery of the sprayers.
I am not against this development but I am against putting in a Car wash business right next to a River. Car wash outlets are currently in close proximity to Bli Bli such as Pacific Paradise, Nambour and Maroochydore.

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Planning Application for 309-313 David Low Way, Bli Bli, QLD

Description: 313 David Low Way BLI BLI - Car Wash, Office, Food & Drink Outlet and Shop - Snowy River Pty Ltd

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Stephen Robinson
May 10, 2017, 1:33 a.m.
Hi Sharon,

Thank you for your email and for raising your concerns.

I will make sure this gets to the assessing officers in council for their action.

Cheers Steve