Planning application at 31 Belivah Road Belivah QLD 4207

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Laurie Koranski
Planning application at 31 Belivah Road Belivah QLD 4207
Aug. 10, 2016, 5:28 a.m.
This particular development by Davidson at Belivah is absolutely not in line with any type of normal town planning. Previously, this area has been seen a rural residential with most properties in the area sitting on 1 1/2 acres (both Bannockburn and Rosemount Farm). I find it amazing that the developer can propose block sizes as low as 187sqm and with maximum size sitting around 600sqm (disgusting money grab if you ask me). As someone previously mentioned about Bannockburn Road (19 units on one block), all this is doing is devaluing the suburb as most of these mini blocks will be either owned by investors or housing commission (no owner occupiers anymore). Also, if you have look at the entire proposed development (31 Belivah Road) you will see that where those beautiful gums trees along Beaudesert Beenleigh road now stand, a future park is proposed.. I wonder if the developer will at least retain these magnificent trees?? I recently voted in the new councillor Laurie and am now wondering if she will actually stand up for rural residents in the area and block this development, or as a minimum demand that the minimum block size stay at 500sqm no less. Having said all that, consider.. on the corner of Bannockburn road and Beaudesert Beenleigh road there soon will be, Bannockburn village with Woolworths, a wonderful parking lot, shops and cafes, next to that those 19 units and then opposite.. Davidson at Belivah with its lower socioeconomic design.. My advise folks, sell up and move further out as logan city council and co. is about to impose Yarrabilba style design on our fair suburb.
Sorry that no-one cares anymore..

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Planning Application for 31 Belivah Road Belivah QLD 4207

Description: 1 Lot into 11 Lots and Dwelling Houses

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