Planning application at 31 Nelson Road, Wellington Point QLD 4160

Paul Quinn sent a message to Wendy Boglary.

Wendy Boglary
Paul Quinn
Planning application at 31 Nelson Road, Wellington Point QLD 4160
Feb. 5, 2019, 8:44 a.m.
Further to Allans concerns, I submit the following email interaction regarding the rezoning of these blocks despite assurances around the last election time that these blocks (amongst and number of other in this area) would remain zoned as blocks required to be a MINIMUM of 2000m2.

On 2 Nov 2018, at 8:59 am, Paul Quinn wrote:
"Hello Wendy,
Thank you for your recent community notification letter regarding the proposed redevelopment for some of the old Botanix site. I would like some clarification regarding the lot sizes if you could please?
The lot sizes shown on the proposed plan are considerably smaller than the recommended minimum size of 2000m2 for Low Density Residential*. Originally the lots opposite this property on Nelson road we also pegged out as 2000m2 blocks, but these were changed at some point to smaller blocks as well.
Could you better explain why the block sizes are almost 1/4 of the recommended size please? I don't understand why the council feels this block size reduction is an acceptable outcome for adherence to the Redlands Planning Scheme.
*Redlands Planning Scheme Part 4 - Zones, Division 11 - Low Density Residential Zone - Page 13, P-2.4
Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
Paul Quinn"

"Good morning Paul,
Thank you for your email concerning the proposed development on the old Botanix site. Recently a new City Plan was adopted in council and in this new plan this area was rezoned this making the smaller lot sizes allowable.
I will add I didn’t vote for this new City Plan for a number of reasons but mainly as I do not believe it will improve the liveability of our City. I am forwarding all emails onto the assessing officers so they have a record of all concerns. At present they are still waiting for information but once the assessing starts I will hold another meeting with them to discuss the feedback I am receiving. I appreciate you taking the time to email and I will be in contact once I have some idea of the final plans .

Warm Regards
Cr Wendy Boglary
Division 1 Councillor ( Ormiston/Wellington Point)
Redland City Council

From Paul Quinn to local councillor Wendy Boglary


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Planning Application for 31 Nelson Road, Wellington Point QLD 4160

Description: Combined RAL and OPW - 5 into 67 lots

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