Planning application at 31 Nelson Road, Wellington Point QLD 4160

ROBYN HILL sent a message to Wendy Boglary.

Wendy Boglary
Planning application at 31 Nelson Road, Wellington Point QLD 4160
Oct. 19, 2018, 3:04 a.m.
Please explain to me how a development of this size does not require Public knowledge and input? This development on this site requires a Material Change of Use which requires for public advertising including signs erected on the site (which must remain erected and in clear view for a specific number of working days), allowing time for public scrutiny and comments. As the existing Nelson Road resident who will have a new road intersection as my front door, I believe I am entitled to some input. I have lived here for more than 22 years, lived through the lies, deception and under handed actions of the Redland City Council and it's Councillors with regard to the previous development of this site.

From ROBYN HILL to local councillor Wendy Boglary


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Planning Application for 31 Nelson Road, Wellington Point QLD 4160

Description: Combined RAL and OPW - 5 into 67 lots

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Wendy Boglary
Oct. 19, 2018, 5:19 a.m.
Hello Robyn,

I understand your frustration and I agree with you.
Once I have further information on this development, as at this stage officers haven’t assessed it, I will do my normal letterbox drop in the local area to advise residents and am happy to come and discuss with the local residents.

Warm Regards,
Cr. Wendy Boglary
Division 1 Councillor  (Ormiston/Wellington Point)
Redland City Council
Ph: 3829 8619

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