Planning application at 33-35 North Pde Port Adelaide SA 5015

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Michelle Hogan
Helen Macilwain
Planning application at 33-35 North Pde Port Adelaide SA 5015
Sept. 28, 2018, 10:09 p.m.
The Port Adelaide Precinct Plan gives guidance to a 5 storey limit. This document was community informed and should be acknowledged in planning processes or are we dudded yet again by government so called "consultation"? How do current developers feel when inappropriate development is sought adjacent to areas where they have undergone more stringent scrutiny? Port Adelaide is finally experiencing positive change with acknowledgement of its heritage assets and this North Parade Development kicks us back again to darker times. This construct will kill the Inner Harbor once and for all.

From Helen Macilwain to local councillor Michelle Hogan


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Planning Application for 33-35 North Pde Port Adelaide SA 5015

Description: Construction of an eight storey retirement living apartment building incorporating seventy two apartments, two retail/cafe tenancies and ancillary car parking - 040/W053/18

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