Planning application at 33 Hay Road, Dayboro QLD 4521

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Darren Grimwade
Peta Maree Culverhouse
Planning application at 33 Hay Road, Dayboro QLD 4521
Nov. 8, 2018, 8:30 p.m.
Will this affect downstream water quality? At the back of 19 Hay Road Dayboro, we have a pair of platypus that has been spotted by the owners in 2017. We also have a migratory fruit bat colony, so noise concerns are also an issue. Although the colony is not currently there at present (it usually is there from October to December), they do return from time to time before heading out West.

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Planning Application for 33 Hay Road, Dayboro QLD 4521

Description: Operational Work - Development Permit for Electrical Reticulation (Stage 3)

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