Planning application at 35 / 1 Collins Street Hobart Tas 7000

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Tanya Denison
Rosemary Scott
Planning application at 35 / 1 Collins Street Hobart Tas 7000
Aug. 27, 2018, 6:52 a.m.
As a resident of 1 Collins Street, I wish to object to an application from the owner of 35/1 Collins Street for short term visitor accommodation.

As I understand the by-laws of our Body Corporate, there is a provision prohibiting owners from leasing their unit for anything less than 6 months.

Additionally, owner-occupiers have moved here in the expectations of living in a quiet building; the likelihood of noise, disturbances and damage increases with short-term letting - as is well known by the reporting from many other places of such occurrences.

I consider that there urgently needs to be a change in planning rules to prevent such short term accommodation arrangements.

From Rosemary Scott to local councillor Tanya Denison


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Planning Application for 35 / 1 Collins Street Hobart Tas 7000

Description: Partial Change of Use to Visitor Accommodation

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