Planning application at 35 Eveleigh Street, Arana Hills QLD 4054

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Peter Flannery
Pascale Densten
Planning application at 35 Eveleigh Street, Arana Hills QLD 4054
Sept. 1, 2017, 10:50 a.m.
As an Environmental Engineer with ecological assessment experience, I am absolutely opposed to the Medium Density Multiple dwelling (174 Townhouses) proposed development on 35-36 Eveleigh Street-82 Plucks Road, Arana Hills.

Moreton Bay Region is renowned for its diverse natural environment which covers an area of approximately 2000 square kilometres to the north of Brisbane.

Since European settlement, changes in land use and rapid urban development have permanently altered the distribution and abundance of native flora and fauna. Surveying and subdivision of land has produced a complex crisscross pattern of roads, fences and pathways stitching together the modern mosaic of a vibrant and thriving community. Urbanisation has caused many of our ecosystems to reduce, fragment, and in some cases, vanish.

The challenge we now face is to ensure that what’s left is well managed and not lost. We all have the potential to make a significant contribution to nature conservation.

Council has a role to play through the planning process in minimising the environmental impacts of development. Council planning schemes and local laws should provide a strategic framework and control system for pursuing biodiversity conservation.

The Moreton Bay community plays a pivotal role in environmental protection and conservation because more than half of the remaining wildlife habitat is located on private property.

On 35-36 Eveleigh Street-82 Plucks Road, Arana Hills property where the development of Medium Density Multiple dwelling (174 Townhouses) is planned, a consequent amount of fauna has been spotted (including wallabies, koalas and important number of native bird species).

This property contains also high amount of native vegetation, as MSES - Matters of State Environmental Significance.

The property is an ecologically valuable area and this development project will have net biodiversity losses.

An Environmental Assessment Report and an Environmental Impact Assessment need to be undertaken with an authorised specialised ecologist before any development consideration.

Council have been supporting residents managing and protecting the conservation values of their properties. Over 600 properties are already registered with council’s suite of habitat-based conservation programs, representing 3,137 Ha of wildlife habitat. This property could be assessed to be registered within the habitat-based conservation programs.

The local community is asking that the development location is to be reviewed to prioritised site development in contaminated, previously developed or low ecological value areas in order to limit ecological impact of the project.

If the development project can’t be avoided, it needs to ensure the site landscape plan enhances ecological and cultural site values and reduces the building footprint.

To enhance ecological and cultural site values through strategic landscaping the following items should be considered:

1. Enhance the sites’ ecological value through selection of local species.

2. Enhance the sites cultural & heritage assets.

The landscape design should use indigenous species that contribute to enhance biodiversity values, avoid soil erosion, reduce stormwater runoff and minimise operational maintenance requirements.

The local community have requests:

1. Environmental Assessment Report to be undertaken prior to development approval

2. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) to be undertaken prior to development approval

3. Traffic Assessment Report to be undertaken prior to development approval

4. Noise Assessment Report for during and after construction to be undertaken prior to development approval

5. Risk Assessment for during and after construction to be undertaken prior to development approval

If development is still approved, the community is requesting:

1. A 100 meters wide corridor with native trees on 35 and 36 Eveleigh street blocks to be added - this will enable wildlife to go between the Matters of State Environmental Significance area to the other side of the property and to the natural environment gardens of the Eveleigh street properties, and keep privacy and quiet environment to the closest properties.

2. No access from Eveleigh street to keep Eveleigh street as a cul-de-sac, for safety reasons and traffic reasons (kids playing area)

From Pascale Densten to local councillor Peter Flannery


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Planning Application for 35 Eveleigh Street, Arana Hills QLD 4054

Description: Material Change of Use – Development Permit for Medium Density Multiple Dwelling (174 Townhouses) (Superseded Planning Scheme)

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