Planning application at 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD

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Mark Jamieson
Planning application at 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD
Feb. 16, 2017, 8:42 p.m.
Hi Tim,

I'm contacting you in regard to the proposed development of 35 Saltair Street. As a property owner in the nearby vicinity, and after easing the prior emails you have had sent to you, I have a number of concerns which I feel as a valued member of the Sunshine Coast community need to be expressed. A number of these issues seem to have been raised in prior correspondence, with yourself and the local community but it seems to me that your response, some of which are I feel are words that might not be of your own wording and rather put together by others, for you.

The first of which I would like to put forward to you is that the residents of Kings Beach, and by no means am I speaking for all, but I feel would completely disagree with your response about Kings Beach roads taking the capacity / load of traffic in the area. Tim I not sure exactly what your strategic team is up to, but I can tell you they must have the wrong information or really they are sitting in a different location and thinking they are in Kings beach!!! Tim I'll be the first to say I Iove the area and what it's history is and the fact that it's one of the sunshine coast best holiday spots, but if you and or your strategic planning team feel the network of roads and parking are capable of with standing the capacity of traffic then I feel our council is not completing their tasks as elected members to represent our community. You're more then welcome to throw as many of your strategic planning facts and figures at me, but i'll let you in on somewhat of a little secret, the parking in our great area is a disgrace, and thats before we even get to everyone's favourite time, holiday time. I can't tell you, your little team of elected members of our community, and the strategic planning team how incorrect you are. I ask you to grab your hat and sunscreen and walk the walk around the area and see it for yourself. Now knowing what I know, from my background I'm going to say that the developer will come to some agreement to accommodate those extra cars so that they aren't parked on Saltair Street however, it comes to my attention that you may also need to factor in the visitors and family that will also come with these new units owners. Where do you feel they will park their cars? There is only so much room for them onsite, there is already no parking signs in the street. Which at 35 units in the development, and if one unit has a guest each over at the same time, which is probable, where do they park their cars? I mean sure, everyone loves exercise but do you feel people would be happy parking so far away? Better still, if I was going to buy one of these units, I'd be asking where all the street parking is, no parking, no deal. Now some people might be happy with that, and I respect that, but there are a lot of people who won't be happy with that, like the residents who already live in the connecting streets. I feel your responses thus far have been, at best average. Take a good hard look through the Kings Beach area, there is lack of packing considering the amount or dewellings that are in the area. Then at holiday time it just becomes even worse. Now you could say to me, well you did make the choice to live in the area, and yes you're right. That was based on many reasons but one of the reasons I choose this location to purchase was because it wasn't looking like the gold coast where everyone seems to be living more and more like they are in a tin of sardines. The space, the fact we have minimal high-rise. I actually think that makes us more of a desired location for families on holidays because we are mrs of a community then a holiday precinct. I mean of all streets to choose to put another development, a cul-de-sac??? This actually leads me to my next point which is, surely the has to be some other street or even a suburb that these developments could be approved? Maybe even an area that is untapped, or even on a bigger through road....??? The Street is already under enough stress as it is. It's clear to even see that with the trucks that cut through the street, but I'm guessing the strategic planning team doesn't really see the trucks from their point of view, not too mention the rest of the traffic, which for a dead end street is more then I've ever seen. I mean let's just think about the traffic that will take place on this street and the joining streets over the duration of the build. The first of which will be a demolition team, probably consisting of a number of large earth moving equipment. That to me, and Im no expert, I'm just simply raising the obvious, is going to be a little more then the normal road traffic in Saltair Street and adjoining streets. next will come the piling gear, which will be heavier again. This will be followed by the commencement of slabs for the structure. Now if I do a rough figure in my head, I'm going to say there will be a fair area of floor space per floor. I'm going to guess roughly 700m2, which means one thing. The transport of materials to site on large trucks will be of excessive weights. On decks that size you will average steel truck delivery's around the maximum weight load of 24 tonne and I'll guess again and say that nearly all slabs bar the podium deck will take roughly 30 tonne each. The podium deck, which is the first deck of a build will take a lot more, possibly double that due to post tensioning of the podium slab. This creating more weight on such little streets, has your strategic planning team thought about all these weights? I'm really hoping they have, because after that comes the concrete trucks which at a guess will carry around 7 cubic metres each is going to be around 17.2 tonne each, plus the tare weight of the truck which will be around another 12 tonne. I'm sure I could go on Tim, but I feel by now you must be getting the picture about the roads around Kings beach taking this extra traffic, weight and size. That is of course if the truck drivers can actually gain access into the street with it being so narrow, I know for one i wouldn't want to be backing a semi trailer with 24 tonne of rep steel bar on it, all the way up Saltair Street. I'm sure that the council along with residents in our community wouldn't want that either? Because let's face it, the street and adjoining streets are nowhere near big enough to take the size and weight or this traffic. My opinion at the end of the day is that the streets will not handle it. Sure, Tomkins are doing a development in Canberra Terrace but the line of concrete trucks doesn't appeal to me there either, however it's a much wider and larger road that has better access points for large gear, wide trucks and ore traffic in general.

The next issue I feel needs to be looked at seriously is that of people's privacy. Now I know that with living in a unit privacy is of a premium. It's something that you relinquish by buying a unit. Especially when you have other units so close, that I can sit on the toilet and other people can watch me. Yes we all have doors and windows, and yes we can keep them closed for more privacy, however we also have a choice, and a right to live how we like, respectfully that is. Whether you live on the top or bottom floor of any unit with other units close by, people are always going to be having a look in. That's what us as humans do, we sticky beak and want to know what everyone is up to. I think it's called something like neighbourhood watch? You know, where we are encouraged to look out for any suspect behaviour and in general look out for each other. Now as a good community member I am happy to do such things, what most people aren't happy with is people seeing in every time they open a door or a window. Too be completely honest it's almost invasion of privacy. Now take yourself out of your shoes for a moment and put yourself in the unit owners shoes or better still the new buyers shoes, do you feel that's something that a development like this is going to be able to provide privacy for all parties, including keeping your doors and windows open? Look what I'm getting at is that the location of this particular development seems rather odd, that is on top of my other comments and valid points. I mean, if a tower crane happens to be erected for the site, which is a probable possibility, where do we sit with privacy? Not too mention the boom over hang, unless of course they are planning to use a jib luffing crane? Or should the developer chose not to use a tower crane, where on earth can they set up a mobile crane in that street for hours at a time? Can that crane hold the capacity of a 50 to 100 tonne mobile crane? That just comes back to the traffic, but i'm guessing your elite strategic team would know all these little things that need to be factored in for each project, all the gross mass weights of the machinery , trucks and materials being delivered to site, and even the materials, not to mention a site like that is going to need to army of trees to complete it, where do you feel they will all park for the duration of the project? That's a lot of traffic Tim, and what happens to the damage of the roads? We all know that council will put it back on the developer. The developer will put it back to the council, this will go on for a number of weeks maybe even months and with no action. You can sit there and respond with what ever you feel is right in response, and no disrespect, but you sit in an office wearing a white collar not a blue collar. Sometimes us blue collars are handy to know a thing or two and think outside the normal box most look into.

At the end of the day let's face it, this is going to be a business deal between the council and developers. The way I see it, more rates bills to be paid more water bills, more power bills, but is this development right for this location? My answer is no, and that's just based on the traffic system let along the extra people, or the loss of people's views, which I didn't even touch on. Tim if you and your team feel that this is the ideal development for this area, then maybe you might need to look on because as a member of our community I feel that council and all the people that have been elected to stand and represent our community aren't doing the tasks and seeing their promises for which they have been voted in for, in our community. I don't know all the fancy rules and regulations like others do in our area, but one thing I do know is that we, as a community don''t need another development in a street that really can't take anymore.

Kind Regards,

From Joel to local councillor Mark Jamieson


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Planning Application for 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD

Description: Multiple Dwelling Units x 35 - Rise Projects Services

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