Planning application at 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD

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Tim Dwyer
Donald Lindsay
Planning application at 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD
Jan. 12, 2017, 9:31 a.m.
What is the point of having a Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme when it means absolutely nothing. The council are obviously only interested in the BIG developers, not the small people trying to enjoy life on the Sunshine Coast.
I purchased my property as an investment to help me in my approaching retirement years. I couldn't afford to buy in a brand new development,so l purchased an older apartment and yes it's on the top floor and yes it's on one of the highest points in Kings Beach, but that's not going to stop me losing my entire view if this development goes ahead in it's current form. The only view l will have is that of a big cement building, and that goes for all the apartments in "The Cascades"
Obviously development has to happen, but all l ask is for some consideration by the council and the councillors to people who already live or own properties on the Sunshine Coast and not just to money hungry developers who obviously don't give a toss about us.

From Donald Lindsay to local councillor Tim Dwyer


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Planning Application for 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD

Description: Multiple Dwelling Units x 35 - Rise Projects Services

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