Planning application at 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD

Donald Lindsay sent a message to Tim Dwyer.

Tim Dwyer
Donald Lindsay
Planning application at 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD
Jan. 13, 2017, 1:27 a.m.
To Tim,
What an utterly ridiculous suggestion, to think that any of us could afford to increase the hight limit of "The Cascades " apartment block, that really shows how out of touch you are with reality, again very condescending.
Truthfulness is one thing, but a little bit of empathy wouldn't hurt either, especially for the people who voted for you.

From Donald Lindsay to local councillor Tim Dwyer


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Planning Application for 35 Saltair St, Kings Beach, QLD

Description: Multiple Dwelling Units x 35 - Rise Projects Services

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Tim Dwyer
Jan. 13, 2017, 2:02 a.m.
Dear Donald,
Not out of touch just going to the point you raised, not me, about your location being at a high point and losing your view. Making the point that the property has the ability to ensure view lines into the future over and above what are available now is not "ridiculous" Donald. My response should not be taken as a lack of empathy but rather as a genuine desire to have you accurately informed, and given a level of certainty that you'd expect from an elected representative.
At no stage did I state you should increase the height, I said, " stakeholders of the complex may wish to consider". Consider when forming your opinion about how development can occur and the facts around that. The comment meant that the level of unrealised development potential has a bearing on the settlement pattern possible, and the ultimate values and views available at the location, when considered against surrounding development. Matters that you raised Donald and wanted a response to.

Should you wish to address any further matters in regard to this subject please call me on 54208965. Thank you Donald. Tim.

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