Planning application at 36 Struan Av Warradale

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Nathan Prior
Johanna den Dekker
Planning application at 36 Struan Av Warradale
Jan. 23, 2019, 12:15 a.m.
looking back over older posts it amazes me how few responses we get. I have recently written about the amount of rubbish and plastic floating down the street and foot paths generally left cluttered with builders sand for weeks after the builders have finished with a particular part of the job.

Why can't the council inspectors come around at least weekly?

Also for the people living in a street being blocked off....give us a days warning.
It is no good being sympathetic.. …. do something!

From Johanna den Dekker to local councillor Nathan Prior


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Planning Application for 36 Struan Av Warradale

Description: Four Two Storey Row Dwellings and two Single Storey Group Dwelling

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