Planning application at 36 Struan Av Warradale

Ferna Dawn Harris. sent a message to Bruce Hull.

Bruce Hull
Ferna Dawn Harris.
Planning application at 36 Struan Av Warradale
May 23, 2018, 12:57 a.m.
Dear Sirs,
I have to agree with Peter Nathan on this. I have lived in Wyndham Street, Warradale for the past 36 years and have noticed the changes to my area, some of which are for the better and some definitely not. The ones that Peter is talking about is absolutely disgusting. I live in what is possibly the smallest street in the whole of Warradale and I now have 3 double storey homes right next to me on my western boundary where previously there was just one home. Later this year I have it on good account that there will be 2 double storey homes built on my eastern boundary where previously there was just the one home. They don't really fit with such a small street and I cannot help but think how stupid my little house is going to look now stuck in between. Please let this be the last of the multi-storey homes at least in my small street.
Kind regards,

From Ferna Dawn Harris. to local councillor Bruce Hull


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Planning Application for 36 Struan Av Warradale

Description: Four Two Storey Row Dwellings and two Single Storey Group Dwelling

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Bruce Hull
May 23, 2018, 4:38 a.m.
Dear Ferna,

We hear you and I live in Warradale. Let me assure you that the Marion Council has made a submission to reduce housing density in the areas that you refer. It is now up to the new State Government to approve Marion Councils proposed Development Plan.

Agree that the current situation is crap.

Kind regards


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