Planning application at 36 Struan Av Warradale

Peter Philips sent a message to Bruce Hull.

Bruce Hull
Peter Philips
Planning application at 36 Struan Av Warradale
May 23, 2018, 2:19 a.m.
"What are your specific concerns?" you cant be serious???

This over development & increase of population density has got to stop. Does the Marion Council honestly think this area has the infrastructure to sustain a continuing increase of population? When driving down any side street now you have to avoid cars that are constantly parked in the street as residents of these developments simply do not have the parking for multiple vehicles &/or if there is a garage it is so small they use it for storage not parking a car in.

Get real Marion Council, your development plans will turn our suburbs into overpopulated Ghetto's & it certainly will not be a pleasant place to live that's for sure. I have lived in the area for more than 55 years, if this is an ongoing example of your future plans for this area I for one am looking to move out before you make this suburb & the rest of Marion Council area into Adelaides future slums.

Shame shame shame. Please stop the over-development. Enough is enough.

From Peter Philips to local councillor Bruce Hull


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Planning Application for 36 Struan Av Warradale

Description: Four Two Storey Row Dwellings and two Single Storey Group Dwelling

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