Planning application at 37-41 Hauton Road, Morayfield QLD 4506

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Adrian Raedel
Amanda Boniface
Planning application at 37-41 Hauton Road, Morayfield QLD 4506
Feb. 23, 2018, 1:05 p.m.
In order to maintain balance between growth and community prosperity with quality and lifestyle I think it is vital that ALL residents within a 5km radius be consulted when a proposal such as this is to be considered. The impact on the environment and current residents will be detrimental and current status of living will not be sustainable. This includes wildlife. I cannot imagine any local residents in this area wishing to see this approved and challenge the planning authority and council to really ask each of us. It is not why we have chosen this lush green rural and semi rural area to live!

From Amanda Boniface to local councillor Adrian Raedel


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Planning Application for 37-41 Hauton Road, Morayfield QLD 4506

Description: Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (9 lots into 141 plus 4 balance lots) in seven (7) stages

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