Planning application at 37 Oxford Street, Joyner QLD 4500

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Mick Gillam
Joseph Auclair
Planning application at 37 Oxford Street, Joyner QLD 4500
April 29, 2019, 5:28 a.m.
This will be one of many new developments that the infrastructure is currently unable to cope with. New developments on Francis road will already see an increase in traffic and is further reducing the open spaces in the Lawnton and Joyner area. People aren't buying this far out of the city for closed in spaces, no wildlife and traffic. Please start looking after your area long term.

From Joseph Auclair to local councillor Mick Gillam


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Planning Application for 37 Oxford Street, Joyner QLD 4500

Description: Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (6 into 100 lots + 2 Drainage lots and 2 Open Space lots)

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