Planning application at 37 Scanlan Street Berwick , VIC

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Susan Serey
Olde Berwick Resident
Planning application at 37 Scanlan Street Berwick , VIC
Aug. 24, 2018, 1:55 a.m.
To Local Councillors and Planning Authority.
Once again a developer from outside the area is looking to shoehorn a large quanitity of dwellings into a small area. This development is for 3 double storey townhomes on what is classified in Olde Berwick as an "Avenue of Honor". The removal of a large amount of trees and removal of almost any surface area of the land for rainfall uptake is detrimental to the area's quality of canopy trees and green spaces. Please review this application seriously as the addition of three low cost dwellings intended for quick sale will negatively impact the local character, traffic and endanger the local landscape.
Thank you for taking the time to reconsider this multiple large scale development.

From Olde Berwick Resident to local councillor Susan Serey


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Planning Application for 37 Scanlan Street Berwick , VIC

Description: Development of Three Dwellings and Three Lot Subdivision

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