Planning application at 38 Orth Street Kingswood NSW 2747

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Prue Car
Planning application at 38 Orth Street Kingswood NSW 2747
Sept. 23, 2016, 10:34 p.m.
If higher density living is to be encouraged then 1. Apartments should be mandatorily advertised as 'no garage/car space' living. So it is transparent that this is a congestion minimizing objective of the zone. 2. There needs to be a network of (family) safe, separated cycleways, flyover bike/pedestrian bridges, bike lockers, urban shower points, rail cars, high-vis dedicated covered racks, bike path lights and facilities from the area around Kingswood Tafe stretching to Penrith. This network needs to be safe and consistently provisioned for kids and pensioners alike for daily commuting and slow bike use not just prime ability use. It must be more than notional painted bikes on heavily used and parked roads, and provide real options for people of all ages and abilities to live in higher density. Without congesting narrow roads and parking for the hospital, residents will want infrastructurally supported means to move from school to home, hospital to rail, university to shops, park to preschool safely without limiting their lifestyle and participation in community.

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Planning Application for 38 Orth Street Kingswood NSW 2747

Description: Demolition of Existing Structures, Construction of Seven (7) Storey Mixed Use Development including Ground Floor Commercial Tenancy, 121 Residential Apartments & Three (3) Levels of Basement Car Parking

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