Planning application at 39 Barns Lane, Coolum Beach, QLD

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Mark Jamieson
Robert Weldon
Planning application at 39 Barns Lane, Coolum Beach, QLD
Oct. 3, 2016, 8:09 p.m.
Hi. I also oppose the opening of a Bunnings store in Coolum. Traffic congestion at the school site is already an issue. I know many families that have been fined by police while trying to pick up and drop off kids to school. A large business like Bunnings would add to problem.
Also, I feel that it does not suit the area. There is already an industrial area behind Coolum that would be better suited to this large scale development.


Rob Weldon

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Planning Application for 39 Barns Lane, Coolum Beach, QLD

Description: 39 Barns Lane COOLUM BEACH - Scheme B - Showroom, Garden Centre and Restaurant, Service Station and Convenience Restaurant - Bunnings Limited

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