Planning application at 39 Wooddale Grove Donvale VIC 3111

Carol Matthews sent a message to Andrew Conlon.

Andrew Conlon
Carol Matthews
Planning application at 39 Wooddale Grove Donvale VIC 3111
April 12, 2018, 3:49 a.m.
We note that this is another multi-development of 6-9 units in this street - which I note has been moonscaped leaving none of the established trees. From Chippewa Avenue to Lisbeth Avenue - a relatively short area of 12 lots - around half of the street have large multi-developments stretching down the hill - which are seen terracing from Chippewa Avenue. Note that another property 4 doors down from this property has removed all the large established trees from the property. This was once termed a leafy suburb. Now with the multi-developments constructed in Chippewa Ave, Cherry Tree Gve, Lisbeth Ave and Wooddale Grove - it is simply a sea of houses with no space for trees and within the last ten years over 100 trees I would estimate over 80 trees have been removed. There are two large trees of over 100 years still remaining in Chippewa between Niagara and Wooddale Gve on the south which can be cut down at any time without a permit. At 26 Chippewa, a 100 year old Eucalyptus was removed in a dangerous manner by unlicensed contractors. None of these developments leave any room for trees and the Council has changed the character of the area.
This development will also add to the traffic problem - it is very difficult to drive in from Mitcham Road and / or Park Road due to the traffic and parked cars. I have had to wait up to 10 minutes while cars from the other direction can get through due to the volume and parked cars on both sides of the street. This is resulting in an overdevelopment and destroying the area.

From Carol Matthews to local councillor Andrew Conlon


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Planning Application for 39 Wooddale Grove Donvale VIC 3111

Description: Subdivision of Land 1-9 lots

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