Planning application at 4 Prince Street Randwick NSW 2031

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Kathy Neilson
Jennifer Tuckwell
Planning application at 4 Prince Street Randwick NSW 2031
May 21, 2017, 7:07 a.m.
I also object to this development in Randwick and in reference to Yasmine Finnegan's comment about parking needs I add this comment for all resident's of Randwick's attention.
Randwick Council have no regard for parking spaces on the street and I have that in writing from the Integrated Transport Department of Randwick Council.
Apparently they have never been asked the question of how they assess street parking needs, and when asked to respond, stated, "that it was public parking and therefore not to be considered"
So there you have it, - Randwick Council could not care less about street parking needs - and this, in an old established area where homes and units were built without parking spaces.
It appears they wait for people to complain and then install timed parking - brilliant stuff.

From Jennifer Tuckwell to local councillor Kathy Neilson


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Planning Application for 4 Prince Street Randwick NSW 2031

Description: Demolish existing brick garage

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