Planning application at 4 Woodfield Av Warradale

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Kris Hanna
Cheryl Stevens
Planning application at 4 Woodfield Av Warradale
July 20, 2018, 11:06 p.m.
I agree that formal notification AND the potential to argue the development plan (with serious weight, not just voice your opinion but “we don’t care as it meets our new planning requirements”) is needed.
Our house is on the western side of this development, and we came home to find the house being demolished with no notification of it.
Not only that, but we have 3!!!!!-two story town houses scheduled to be built on the south side of our priority too. So we are essentially going to be boxed in by town houses, with the ones on the southern side on only 235-239sqm blocks.
There should be regulations as to how many two-stories can be built per block.

We bought into Warradale as a spacious suburb to hopefully bring our future family up in, and we are now questioning if the oversaturaation of people, families, street traffic, and children into the local schools is now a viable option. And we have only been here 2 years. I get the feeling we will be the only 700sqm block left on our street in the coming years, which is very sad.

From Cheryl Stevens to local councillor Kris Hanna


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Planning Application for 4 Woodfield Av Warradale

Description: Two, Two Storey Detached Dwellings and Garages

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