Planning application at 4 Workmans Rd, Sharon, QLD, Australia

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Judith Peters
ginger gordy
Planning application at 4 Workmans Rd, Sharon, QLD, Australia
June 11, 2016, 3:21 a.m.
i've recently moved to Sharon. it would amaze me if the local planning authorities don't already have regulations against any new building in areas known for flooding risks, as climatologists warn us that these flooding events will increase in frequency and severity. if this development is approved, it would be negligent to the community (the cost of unnecessary emergency services) and all our insurance premiums (bigger payouts for flood damaged properties will raise all premiums), and would be especially damaging to people who might buy the new properties without understanding the flood damage they will likely incur in the future.

From ginger gordy to local councillor Judith Peters


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Planning Application for 4 Workmans Rd, Sharon, QLD, Australia

Description: Two into Five Lots

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