Planning application at 40 Lachlan Road, Cardiff NSW 2285

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Barry Johnston
Paul Feighan
Planning application at 40 Lachlan Road, Cardiff NSW 2285
Sept. 2, 2016, 11:26 p.m.
Lachlan Road Cardiff is being overrun by mid to high density housing. Consideration needs to be given to long term and ageing residents of this area. This type of housing is having a huge impact on current residents mental health, privacy and street parking. Councilors need to start taking a real look at the impact developers are having on quiet residential areas like ours. Just because a block of land is a bit bigger that the norm, it doesn't mean we should automatically approve multiple dwelling housing on it. Think about your own street when making these decisions.

From Paul Feighan to local councillor Barry Johnston


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Planning Application for 40 Lachlan Road, Cardiff NSW 2285

Description: Multiple Dwellings x 5, Strata Subdivision & Demolition of Existing Structures

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