Planning application at 40 Stamford Street, Parkside 5063

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Mike Hudson
Deborah Monteith
Planning application at 40 Stamford Street, Parkside 5063
Sept. 5, 2016, 3:41 a.m.
Thank you for your response, Mike. Doing some online research, on the Unley Council webside I discovered a Fact Sheet "Residential Historic Conservation Zone. Policy Area 2: Compact Parkside St Ann's Estate" which would appear to include 40 Stamford Street. This may be useful in your discussions with your fellow councillors. I look forward to hearing the outcome.
Deborah Monteith

From Deborah Monteith to local councillor Mike Hudson


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Planning Application for 40 Stamford Street, Parkside 5063

Description: Demolish existing building and construct two (2) double storey semi-detached dwellings with carports on common boundary, new front fencing and removal of one (1) street tree

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