Planning application at 408-422 Brinsmead Road Brinsmead QLD 4870

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Linda Cooper
Julie Heath
Planning application at 408-422 Brinsmead Road Brinsmead QLD 4870
July 30, 2018, 4:06 a.m.
Dear Linda, thank you for your comments to clarify the situation, and I'm sure that all users appreciate the owners of the blocks letting us use them appropriately. As a long term Brinsmead resident and very regular user of the area in question (for dog walking and fitness purposes) I would hope that it's not simply a matter of Council considering the development in view of it having long term zoning approval, but considering the application in terms of what is right and appropriate for your constituents today. It would be a huge loss if this area was developed as is currently proposed, and with the number of people I see who use the track on a regular basis, I'm sure many would feel this way. Green areas such as this are part of the character of Brinsmead, and I second those who say that there are way too many proposed lots. Can the council not do the same here as they did for Earl Hill? MTB is huge in Cairns, it has saved a town in Tassie by bringing MTB tourists into the area, and I've never had or seen an issue in sharing the area with MT Bike riders or other users. This area is so well patronised by locals, as well as being easy to access, it would be a huge loss to see some or all of it developed. I treasure the walks through the forest with my dog, it's so peaceful and beautiful there. Despite the usage, I frequently see wildlife in the area. It's also one of the few bike and walking tracks around that are largely litter free and this is a credit to the community that uses it. It's a shame I can't say the same for the open paddock near the road, which is - very sadly - a tip. FInally, in such a steep area, with many gullies and ridges, I would question how this amount of housing is deemed suitable for an area like that? How will you ensure the developer meets or exceeds the environmental conditions and considerations. I realise the development, like all in your area, will be subject to T&Cs, however how will you manage the compliance with them in practice? There's a significant amount of water that comes down that hill in the wet season.

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Planning Application for 408-422 Brinsmead Road Brinsmead QLD 4870

Description: Reconfiguring a Lot (Impact) Reconfiguring a Lot (2 Lots into 59 Residential Lots & Access Easements, 1 Services and Drainage Lot, 1 Access Lot and 1 Conservation Lot).

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