Planning application at 41 King St, Buderim, QLD

Jake Pettiford sent a message to Ted Hungerford.

Ted Hungerford
Jake Pettiford
Planning application at 41 King St, Buderim, QLD
May 5, 2018, 1:50 a.m.
Can I draw attention to a dubious planning approval right at the end of Mayfield St! Not far from this proposed development.
How can a large popular business area with on site parking be approved without turn in access to traffic if they come from the wrong direction?? The no right turn and narrow parking opposite the Buderim village park shops has created a dangerous intersection where shoppers choose to do an illegal U turn in Mayfield St (in front of no U-turn sign or in someone’s driveway) in order to gain access the shops.
To add to this, these vehicles combine with other vehicles during peak periods using Mayfield as a shortcut to avoid the traffic lights at the end of Gloucester rd..
To add to this also, Mayfield has effectively become a one way street as staff have chosen to use it as their car park for the day.
This combines to be an inevitable accident waiting to happen!!
The business precinct at the end of Mayfield St is evidence of shoddy planning practices that councillors have chosen to turn a blind eye too!!

Buderim cannot cope with any more medium density living period!

I live at the end of Mayfield and police are being sent video evidence of these offences.. Councillors included!

From Jake Pettiford to local councillor Ted Hungerford


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Planning Application for 41 King St, Buderim, QLD

Description: Change to Development Approval - Multiple Dwelling Units x 34 - Noosaville Holdings Pty Ltd

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