Planning application at 43 College Street Cambridge Park NSW 2747

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Kath Presdee
Jake Felicioni
Planning application at 43 College Street Cambridge Park NSW 2747
June 6, 2017, 6:19 a.m.
After reviewing this Development Application and the reasons behind such designs, I am sincerely impressed by the Developer's thought, research and implementation to improve the local area in both safety and design.

The decision to include basement parking is both clever and unique in the aspects of aesthetics and overall living space. This design will really bring a fresh and attractive aesthetic to not only the street, but Cambridge Park as a suburb.

I strongly support this application and believe it will set a standard for all future developers to strive for in both design and safety.

Jake Felicioni
Licensed Property Consultant

From Jake Felicioni to local councillor Kath Presdee


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Planning Application for 43 College Street Cambridge Park NSW 2747

Description: Demolition of Existing Structures & Construction of 5 x Townhouses with Basement Parking & Strata Subdivision

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