Planning application at 43 College Street Cambridge Park NSW 2747

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John Thain
Benjamin Egge
Planning application at 43 College Street Cambridge Park NSW 2747
June 6, 2017, 9:51 a.m.
I support this development application because of the high-end design these developers are bringing to Western Sydney. They helped me sell my house about two years ago and I noticed on their website of all the quality designs they work on and are trying to achieve in areas such as Cambridge Park.

These developers are very down to earth, always reaching higher grounds for their clients and they will not stop helping their community to achieve better results.

I am proud to support this development based on the quality, safety and eco-friendly design.

I was presented with an Local Appreciation Award 2013 "for his work as a corrections officer in a sex offenders jail inspired him to train females in self defence. He also coaches in anti bullying skills, work ethics and helping troubled people improve their self identity. He also runs a project to save a type of endangered Kite bird by securing land and ensuring a breeding environment for it - he had been inspired to do so as he said he loved watching the birds as a child."

I hope that my support is taken into consideration by Penrith Council.
Benjamin Egge

From Benjamin Egge to local councillor John Thain


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Planning Application for 43 College Street Cambridge Park NSW 2747

Description: Demolition of Existing Structures & Construction of 5 x Townhouses with Basement Parking & Strata Subdivision

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