Planning application at 440-442 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

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Lita Gillies
Maria Collado
Planning application at 440-442 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044
Dec. 9, 2016, 2:09 a.m.
What a pity I only just found out about this site. The development underway will be an eye sore, much like the one next to Pascoe Vale Station. The congestion in that area alone due to trains is unbearable, add workmen for lets say 6 months, and now a multi story complex with 21 dwellings? Who knows what that will bring. At what stage is the over development of dwellings in the area going to be addressed. It is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate through roads due to the number of parked vehicles. Nature strips are not altered to accommodate the additional vehicles and widen the already narrow roads. Emergency vehicles I'm sure are finding it difficult to manoeuvre not to mention the weekly garbage collections. There is also only one public secondary college in the area supporting an ever growing population. Housing affordability is not caused by the average Joe who owns an investment property and negative gearing, its caused by greedy councils and the developers who take advantage of the short sighted policies with short term goals and long term problems. Where is the infrastructure development to support the unrelenting development of units. Come on Moreland council, stop reaping the benefits of the housing boom in the area, and re-invest where it counts, in building strong and resilient communities.

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Planning Application for 440-442 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

Description: Construction of a 5 storey building with basement car parking comprising a shop and 21 dwellings, and reduction in the car parking and bicycle parking requirement, waiver of loading bay and variation of the existing licensed area and alter access to a Road Zone Category 1.

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