Planning application at 46A O'Connell Street Newtown NSW 2042

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Robert Kok
jules Devalier
Planning application at 46A O'Connell Street Newtown NSW 2042
June 9, 2016, 10:19 a.m.
this proposed development is too big for this site I'm thinking. The site is small and narrow but if this development goes ahead much of the open space of their garden will be lost (so the neighbourhood becomes more crowded, dense and loses valuable green space). Also-the current site has taken and eaten into the dunny lane at theback-this needs to be restored and make the lane back to its original size. This development as planned is TOO BIG, too high, too much. Please keep any buildings proposed to the current size of the exisiting buildings -THIS IS OVER DEVELOPMENT

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Planning Application for 46A O'Connell Street Newtown NSW 2042

Description: Demolition of all buildings on site and construction of a new two-storey dwelling with fencing and landscaping.

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