Planning application at 48-50 Little Shore Street, Cleveland, QLD

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Peter Mitchell
lex stanbridge
Planning application at 48-50 Little Shore Street, Cleveland, QLD
July 14, 2017, 10:47 p.m.
Well the long awaited widening of Cross Lane i finally happening.
The new kerbing has been poured.
I cannot see any noticeable widening to allow two cars to pass.
It is almost where the bitumen ended previously.
All i can see is a bigger grass verge on the 12 pack side.
Which according to the plans will be a yellow line for no parking.
Maybe i am missing something from the last plans that were available.
Also cannot wait for the park to be reinstated ie turfed as per councils email to me.
Should never had 12 pack approved.

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Planning Application for 48-50 Little Shore Street, Cleveland, QLD

Description: Townhouses x 12 and Swimming Pools

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Peter Mitchell
Aug. 1, 2017, 3:49 a.m.
Dear Lex,
Thank you for your questions. The detailed response just in from RCC officers.

The Cross Lane and Little Shore Street works including a yellow line marking were allowed by Planning and Environment Court (Appeal No. 3988 of 2015). Although Council initially asked for a wider pavement and verge at Cross Lane, the Court's final decision was to allow a 5.5m width and narrower verge on the development side. The original width of old pavement at Cross Lane was about 3.6m, while the new pavement will be at least 5m wide plus the width of kerb on each side, making a minimum 5.5m wide useable road.
In traffic engineering terms the Court was satisfied with experts that a 5.5m wide road is sufficient for Cross Lane inclusive of additional traffic generated by the development.
The developer is committed to fully reinstate the affected parkland and road verges including re-turfing and landscaping as necessary.