Planning application at 48 Murray Crescent, Rowville VIC 3178

Murray Crescent resident sent a message to Darren Pearce.

Darren Pearce
Murray Crescent resident
Planning application at 48 Murray Crescent, Rowville VIC 3178
Sept. 20, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
For this to be approved would be a contradiction of the Knox housing strategies claims that the important aspects of Knox should be enhanced and retained.
This would ruin the character of this street, increase traffic congestion and does not enhance the area, it would ruin it.
These dwellings are not appropriate or wanted by the residents of this area.

From Murray Crescent resident to local councillor Darren Pearce


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Planning Application for 48 Murray Crescent, Rowville VIC 3178

Description: Proposed 6 unit development

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