Planning application at 49-51 Bunya Crossing Road, Eatons Hill QLD 4037

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Mike Charlton
Planning application at 49-51 Bunya Crossing Road, Eatons Hill QLD 4037
Aug. 3, 2018, 12:42 a.m.
The proposed subdivision should not be approved in its present form as it does not comply with density requirements.

The Town Planning Report states the following:

"PO1 sets out that residential density must not exceed 11 dwellings per hectare. The site has a developable site area of 1.5165 ha (1.011ha x 1.5). Therefore, the net residential density is 10.6 dwellings per hectare. As such, the proposal complies with the density requirements of the Suburban neighbourhood precinct".

Attention is drawn to Planning Scheme Policy Neighbourhood Design which states that the factor of 1.5 should not be used for sites with internal roads. It is noted that the proposal includes an internal road and, therefore, the allowable net residential density under PO1 of the Reconfiguring a Lot Code - Suburban neighbourhood precinct should be taken to be 11.12 lots (1.011ha x 1). As such, 16 lots is considered to be a gross overdevelopment of the site in terms of net residential density requirements.

Attention is also drawn to Section 8.1 of the Policy, which further demonstrates how net density is to be calculated in the Suburban neighbourhood precinct. Again, the proposed development has a net density of 16 lots per hectare, which is gross overdevelopment.

It is noted that PO1 allows for net density to be exceeded only where lots are are consistent with the low density and established character of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The Town Planning Report claims that the proposal also complies with this aspect of PO1, by making reference to previously approved developments in Albany Creek. It is noted that both of these developments proposed minimum lot sizes of 493m2 and 500m2, whereas this proposal has lots as small as 411m2. This is not consistent with the reference developments.

Notwithstanding the above, it is also noted that both of the referenced developments are on the opposite side of the South Pine River. While generally nearby, these developments are not considered to be in the surrounding neighbourhood. The surrounding neighbourhood is considered to be the local development on the northern side of South Pine River, in Eatons Hill, and nearby to the subject site. Specifically, that area bounded by Bunya Crossing Drive on the west, South Pine River on the South and East, and Cabarita Cres on the north. It is noted that there is approximately 150 lots in the surrounding neighbourhood as defined above, all of which range between approximately 600m2 and 800m2.

I have not looked at every lot in the neighbourhood, but I am 99% sure that not a single lot is less than 600m2. The existing development pattern in the surrounding neighbourhood is consistent with the intent of the Planning Scheme and community expectations for development of the subject site.

I am very disappointed that Council's Information Request has not raised the issue of lot sizes and density, as the proposal is clearly not conistent with the requirements of the Planning Scheme or community expectations.

Council should revisit its current state of assessment of the proposal and request that the proposal be redesigned to comply with the relevant Performance outcome. At the very least, the proposal should provide lots sizes generally in the range of 600m2, with maybe a few as small as 500m2. As it stands, the proposal cannot reasonably be said to comply with the relevant Performance outcome, and should not be approved.

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Planning Application for 49-51 Bunya Crossing Road, Eatons Hill QLD 4037

Description: Reconfiguring a Lot - Development Permit for Subdivision (1 into 16 Lots)

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