Planning application at 498-504 Swanston Street Carlton VIC 3053

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Nicholas Reece
Lisa Zhou
Planning application at 498-504 Swanston Street Carlton VIC 3053
Dec. 11, 2017, 1:34 p.m.
the area need to be redeveloped, however, with the utilisation of the precious land building student accommodation and cafe cast into doubt. Does Melbounre city really need more apartment being built and especially built for student? Do all students really prefer live in the city or prefer live in a livable city with appropriate lighting, space, and environmentally friendly place to stay? With building more sophiscated public transport system, is central city ultimately is the place people wanna live or with reasonable distance, efficient public transportation, consideration of living in the surburbs with more green and open space and sky, which area would you prefer?

From the research, there are already quite a few high-rise ( residential buildings) sprouting everywhere in Melbourne city.
* the residences at westside place ( 250 spencer st, Melbourne)
* experience modern city living - melbourne grand (560 lonsdale st, Melbourne)
* Spencer Melbourne (420 spencer st, Melbourne)
*conservatory (9-23 MacKenzie St, Melbourne)
*380 Melbourne (380 Lonsdale St, Melbourne)
* Collins Arch (433 - 455 Collins St, Melbourne)
* 85 Spring ( 85 Spring St, Melbourne)
*Aurora (224 -252 Latrobe St, Melbourne)

The list can go on for a while, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

my question is : does melbourne really has this rapid growth of population to accommodate? Is this environmentally and economically sustainable?
With melbourne's rapid growth of apartment building expanding throughout different surburbs had already caught people's eyes globally, even on the news, whether those apartments are being built for living or just pure drive to fattening the building developers' belly which might turn out to be a bad debt and burden to the society as a whole in the future? If Australia is purely driving the economic growth through building more apartment, then I really have a deep concern on the Australia future. As I can see the Australia is following the steps of China with building more building, and turns into building bubble, as Chinese government realized, hence more tough regulations are out to curb the economic crisis. Is Australia government realize the issue? Are government officials doing something about it?

Melbourne is a multi-cultural city, especially city centre is the representation of Melbourne as a whole to the world, people are attracted visiting Melbourne for a variety of reasons. To become a global city, careful consideration of planning the use of land and investing in infrastructure play the vital role.

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Planning Application for 498-504 Swanston Street Carlton VIC 3053

Description: Proposed Student accommodation and cafe

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