Planning application at 5 Blackett Street, Goodwood SA 5034

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Lachlan Clyne
Fran Smith
Planning application at 5 Blackett Street, Goodwood SA 5034
April 12, 2019, 12:06 a.m.
Heritage style cottages in this part of Goodwood are so much in demand, and people are willing to pay very high prices for them. Would it really not be possible to restore this cottage and add a new extension on the back, or into the roof cavity, and still not over-capitalize in this area? I believe would be a better solution for this site. Has the demolition already been approved?

From Fran Smith to local councillor Lachlan Clyne


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Planning Application for 5 Blackett Street, Goodwood SA 5034

Description: Construct two storey dwelling including verandah and garage on common boundary

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