Planning application at 5 Freda Street Ashmore 4214 QLD

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Bob La Castra
Renee corrigan
Planning application at 5 Freda Street Ashmore 4214 QLD
May 11, 2018, 12:26 a.m.
If it is not enough that this area already has a high volume of traffic, it also carries 4 childcare centres.
Good start early learning- is 200 metres from the proposed development
Amice Early learning centre- 650 metres from proposed development
Little scholars-1.2 metres from proposed development
Trinity early learning centre-900 metres from proposed development
Staff park there cars up and down Freda street
Parent fight for parks daily. The drop off and pick up times are already chaotic and dangerous.
Each of these centres host monthly events with there families, cars are sprawled out everywhere.
These centres combined host over 600 hundred families daily. 600 cars driving in and out of Freda street, around staff cars and street residents.
Now you would like to add another 118 cars, in your proposed development
you have 17 full time staff with only 5 allocated staff car parks, this does not mention casual or part time staff that will also be parking on the street.
This doesn't even include the school that is 900 metres from proposed development.
Parents rely on the street parking daily and on days of events it is a sea of cars.
If that is not enough to make you think twice then what about the moral ground!!
There are 12 childcare centres in a 4K radius of this proposed development.
Not one of these centres are at occupancy.
Every single one of them are already struggling to make ends meet.
Thus proposed development will see some if them close their doors.
There are an estimated 550 positions available at these combined centres for families already.
It is immoral unethical and blatant greed from the council to even consider this proposal.
I'm sure the local papers would agree

From Renee corrigan to local councillor Bob La Castra


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Planning Application for 5 Freda Street Ashmore 4214 QLD

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