Planning application at 5 Simon Street, Victoria Point, QLD

David Birtwhistle sent a message to Lance Hewlett.

Lance Hewlett
David Birtwhistle
Planning application at 5 Simon Street, Victoria Point, QLD
Sept. 9, 2016, 5:47 a.m.
Dear Councillor,

These are my comments on the proposed development in Simon Street,

The frontages of some of the lots in this proposed development are very much narrower that all existing lots that open on to Simon Street. Also the size of the some of the proposed lots appears to be small, certainly smaller than any existing lots contiguous to Simon Street. The new proposal could give a higher density housing appearance to a mature neighbourhood where established homes currently have a more spacious appearance.

Also I suspect that most new house holders and their families will have several cars and I can see that parking on a narrow street like Simon Street could be problematic in future, unless sufficient off-road parking is provided on each property.

The plan should be improved by reducing the number of dwellings.

Yours Sincerely, David Birtwhistle, 6 Cam Court, Victoria Point

From David Birtwhistle to local councillor Lance Hewlett


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Planning Application for 5 Simon Street, Victoria Point, QLD

Description: Combined Reconfiguring a Lot 2 into 12 Lots, Prescribed Tidal Works and Easement Creation

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