Planning application at 50-52 Brisbane Street Berwick, VIC

Resident of Old Berwick sent a message to Susan Serey.

Susan Serey
Resident of Old Berwick
Planning application at 50-52 Brisbane Street Berwick, VIC
Nov. 8, 2016, 10:21 p.m.
Changing Brisbane Streets landscape into one of multi unit townhouses and units significantly affects the character of the area. It also creates a city environment in which many people are packed into small areas where few residents know one another. The effect of this development on the landscape of Brisbane Street and Old Berwick (which has already been over developed) needs to be addressed. Drip lines of the magnificent trees that form an important part of the Old Berwick landscape (and are unique to the area) need to be respected as does the ability to maintain a town feel rather than a dense cityscape.

From Resident of Old Berwick to local councillor Susan Serey


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Planning Application for 50-52 Brisbane Street Berwick, VIC

Description: Development of Seven Dwellings and Buildings and Works within 5 meters of the Drip Line of a Tree within the Significant Landscape Overlay and Removal of Vegetation

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