Planning application at 51-55 Westbury Road South Launceston TAS 7249

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Janie Finlay
Kate Nixon
Planning application at 51-55 Westbury Road South Launceston TAS 7249
Feb. 9, 2017, 1:24 a.m.
I am disappointed that the application has been resubmitted, seemingly without any notice having been taken to the objections to the previous submission.

This area is quiet, and aesthetically pleasing, with older and renovated homes. It has plenty of greenery, which is proven to have a positive effect on mood and health of people living in such areas. I object to high density construction. It is visually obstructive, reduces aesthetic appeal of the neighbourhood, increases noise and traffic, encourages transient tenants, noise disturbances and neighbourhood disputes.

I believe this site development may decrease stability of the land surrounding it, and increase the existing drainage issues.
My property has shown evidence of significant movement, with large cracks opening up in plaster in several rooms, and uneven, visible cracks in the exterior brickwork and cement. There is a two to three inch separation between a large cement area and a cement staircase to the rear of my property that has only occurred in December 2016. This area is on the slope which runs toward the proposed building site. I can provide photo evidence to prove this if required.

I purchased this property because it was in a quiet residential area, as I despise high density living, and wished to bring my children up in a peaceful area conducive to family living. The flats below us had undesirable tenants recently, and there have been builders there repairing extensive damage to this flat for several weeks now. I believe that more high density living will increase such issues. The noise and violence was very distressing for my children and myself.
I do not want to have a large building looking down into our back yard. Due to the significant slope, I will not be able to in any way construct a fence to give the privacy we currently have if the application and construction goes ahead. I would never have chosen to purchase this property if I'd been advised that it would back onto high density living.

I believe the development is highly unsuitable to this neighbourhood, and will disrupt our peaceful neighbourhoods aesthetics and community. It will increase noise levels, damage our current good traffic flow and obstruct drainage. I firmly believe that the impact of construction will likely further destabilise the ground stability and cause structural issues to worsen and affect more surrounding properties.

From Kate Nixon to local councillor Janie Finlay


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Planning Application for 51-55 Westbury Road South Launceston TAS 7249

Description: Residential - multiple dwellings; construction and use of four multiple dwellings

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