Planning application at 51 Lascelles Av Warradale

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Kris Hanna
Diane Williams
Planning application at 51 Lascelles Av Warradale
March 22, 2017, 2:06 a.m.
I agree to the comments made by Penelope and Phil Horwood. The same problem exists in Pemberton St Oaklands Park. 3 two storey boxes were built at no 20 and 21 where 1 house existed which was too small to accommodate 3 houses. I objected in the parking grounds as there was inadequate parking per council policy. This was ignored. Consequently these boxes were built with a single garage each that are so small that no car can get in there. A standard sedan is wider then the roller doors. As a result 5 to 6 vehicles are left parked on the narrow street on both sides of the road outside my premises. One vehicle was not moved until this tenant moved out. This has caused a danger to negotiate in and out of our driveway with vehicles parked opposite our driveway. This is compounded on busy Marion shopping days when shoppers use our street as an extension to the carpark with less then 20cm between parked cars on our street and cars parked in the T junction and less then a metre from a corner. Requests to have no parking signs opposite our driveway to council were denied. We were told to widen our drive to prevent the parking problem??? When we advised council this wasn't possible as a stobbie pole was on the edge of our drive the council have ignored my emails which were supported by photograph evidence. It is time the council took the areas planning serious in relation to the car parking problem on residential areas they are creating by allowing ridiculous over development and ignoring objections about street parking. Does something serious have to happen to a pedestrian as a result if this hazard they are creating before they take notice. Further where are we mean't to put our council bins on bin night when the front of our residence is full of parked cars. My bin has been missed for this reason and council still do nothing about this.

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Planning Application for 51 Lascelles Av Warradale

Description: Demolition

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