Planning application at 54 Brisbane Street Berwick, VIC

Resident of Old Berwick sent a message to Susan Serey.

Susan Serey
Resident of Old Berwick
Planning application at 54 Brisbane Street Berwick, VIC
Oct. 20, 2016, 5:14 a.m.
This is another multi-unit development in an area which is well known for it's beautiful streetscapes and country feel. This and other multi-unit developments have now started to take away from all the character that is critical to the area and City of Casey and create a inner-city feeling in what was a special area. We ask that council start considering this in the OLDE BERWICK area before it gets any further out of control. Multi-unit developments need to be considered in areas outside of OLDE BERWICK unless you want to destroy the town's feeling. A better character overlay needs to be created for Old Berwick and removal of vegetation should not happen unless it's replaced with substantial European or like species. This is in reflection of the area's heritage.

From Resident of Old Berwick to local councillor Susan Serey


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Planning Application for 54 Brisbane Street Berwick, VIC

Description: Development of Three Dwellings and Removal of Vegetation within a Significant Landscape Overlay

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